99Designs Review 2021

99design How does work?

99 Designs is a platform for connecting with web and graphic designers to create designs for logos, web design, images and much more.

✔ Step 1: Summary - You start by creating a design summary that your project designers explain. The brief should relay all the specifications for your projects like your desired style, color and visual elements. (Don’t worry, 99 Designs has an intuitive, web-based short creation process to help you incorporate the right elements of your design short).

✔ Step 2: Combined- You can either hire a single designer or create a design competition where you ask multiple designers to submit ideas and you choose the one you like.

✔ Step 3: Collaborate - You can respond and repeat any design until you are happy with the result. Once satisfied, you can publish payments and get production-ready files for digital and printing.

✅ 99designs Logos

One of the 99design specialties is logo design. You can run a logo design competition or hire a freelance designer to create your logo. The 99 designs originally started with a logo design competition and it has remained as their bread and butter.

At the end of the contest, you will receive a complete custom logo with full legal copyright and source image file for online and print. This means original, editable vector EPS files (both CMYK and RGB for print and web) and web-optimized files (JPG and PNG).

99Design Guarantee-Logo Contests Come with Money-back Guarantee.

Once your content is done, you can optionally add on and use the winning designer to create a complete brand package with your new logo.

✅ How many 99designs?

99design of a project depends on the type of project and the price depends on whether you start a competition or hire a freelance designer.

Logo designs start at $299 and go up to $1,299. High-priced packages come with more logo ideas and high-rated designers.

Web page design prices start at $599. High-value packages come with more web design ideas and top-rated designers.

Prices for video production and photography start at $499 and $299, respectively. Both of these types of projects require you to be in the United States and come to a local pro-site to do a shoot online, so competition does not apply. Other types of projects, such as advertising content, social media, merchandise, books and images vary in price.

Cost of 1-to-1 project: You can hire a freelancer for any type of 1-to-1 project with more than 90design skillsets. Each 1-to-1 project is so unique so pricing is based on your budget and what your designer charges for the job.

As a client, you need to pay a flat 5% platform fee to pay for payment processing, marketplace protection and customer support.

✅ How Long Does 99designs Take?

For all design categories except web design, the competition will run for 7 days. You end a contest anytime by declaring the winner, otherwise, the contest will run in 3 stages:

✔ Stage 1 - Qualification Round (4 days): Designers submit designs and you provide feedback and select 6 final designers to compete in the final round.

✔ Stage 2 - Final Round (3 days): You work closely with the finalists to repeat and revise the designs until you are satisfied and take the win.

✔ Step 3 - Finalization (up to 5 days): Once you have selected a winner, your designer will send you the final files.

✅ Tips for successfully running a design competition

Here are some tips for running a design contest that will get you the results you want:

✔ Spend extra effort on the summary of your design. A short summary will not only get results closer to your vision but will attract even better designers. Designers often decide to participate based on the short quality of the design

✔ Set up your personal profile. Designers are more willing to submit work if there is a possibility of future projects, especially if you try to do legitimate business with a marketing budget.

✔ Guarantee your design competition. Providing a guaranteed payment ensures that good designers will be compensated if they work. Quality designers are more likely to take part in a guaranteed competition than in a free one where their time can be wasted.

✔ Take the time to invite designers to take part in your competition. By looking for a designer, you will not only get more submissions, but designers can try harder when they know they were personally requested instead of submitting to a random design competition.

✔ Consider private (blind) competition instead of public. This means your designers will not be able to see the competition logo. Some have pointed out the advantages of public competition that all designers can include their opinion about likes or dislikes in your comments. However, you can still respond to the blind competition but you are more likely to get completely unique ideas that can achieve better results.

✔ Provide quick and frequent feedback. This is kind of self-explanatory, the more feedback you provide the better the results.

✔ Survey your friends. You may think that you are interested in art but everyone is different and you want your designs to appeal to a wide audience. So get some fresh eyes during the competition to get more feedback on your submission

✅ 99designs Review

⭐ 99 designs are one of the best logo design companies and as a result, you get a bunch of high-quality designs to choose from but it is very expensive and time-consuming. My luck has been better and faster turnaround using more affordable unlimited design services like Kamp. You can get one logo and dozens of other designs for the same price as 1 logo in 99 designs. 

✔ Pros: Here’s what I like about 99designs

1. 99 Design Review - Pros 99 Design has an intuitive design posting process that helps you present your vision to designers in an organized fashion. Perspectives can be personal and their process helps you get much better results than a simple graphic design job post. Non-designers usually have no idea how to interpret a concept to a graphic designer, and 99 designers like to ask questions to give you an overview of your design. Many other crowdsourcing websites leave your design details wide open which may not get you what you want.

2. They have a money-back guarantee which means you don't have to pay for results that you are not satisfied with.

3. I like how you get estimates of the expected number of submissions based on your budget.

4. You have the option of running a blind contest where no one but you can see the submissions.

5. Due to the nature of the design competition you are paying for a fixed bid project. Never pay more than what you put in front of you. If you hire a designer right now, you can finish a project that takes more time and time than you initially planned. And you'll get a design you don't like.

6. Because these are some of the largest marketplaces that you can literally get hundreds of bids in a single project.

✔ Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about 99designs

1. 99 Design Reviews - I think you can set your own price for design projects but this statement is somewhat misleading because there is a minimum for each design category. The lowest prices are reasonable (although you may find it is not the lowest) but when I hear "set your own price", I explain that I should be able to set any price I want.

2. You may not review resumes, portfolios, or employer feedback and you may not hold any interviews. Yes, you can see the designs that competitors have created for other competitions but if you want to dig deeper you can’t really get a good view of the designer’s background. This is fine if you have purchased a single art product, but if you want to hire someone for ongoing work after the competition, you may want to look at qualifications and examinees a little better.

3. You cannot be a good judge of quality. Does everyone think they are experts in judging the industry but are you really? If you like a design, does that mean it will work best with most customers? If you hire a designer based on their artistic training and work experience, you can achieve a better product than keeping the decision about the winner of the competition in your own hands.

4. There is a camp that believes that design competitions go to novice designers because they still can’t find endless jobs. And there may be some truth to that, but who cares for the most part? You can still review all the designs and choose your favorite, even if it was made by a junior designer.

5. Designers who take part in competitions cannot pay for their efforts unless they win a lot of competitions. Of course, designers know how to go about it, so it’s not surprising and competition can be a learning experience. That said, I wouldn’t mind keeping 99 designs in a small retainer with a few featured designs so that they can earn some money for submitting a certain number of designs each month.

Overall, you don’t have to lose trying a design competition for your next graphic design project. And if you use 99 designs, here are some great strategies for managing one to 99 design contests from my readers and other user reviews.

👍 Alternatives to 99designs

There are many competitors in 99 designs that will handle your graphic design needs at a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for more options, we’ve reviewed 99 design top options.

Many of these suppliers are unlimited graphic design companies that offer as many designs as you can for a certain monthly price.

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